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An integrated, compliant and cost-effective Human Resource and Payroll Management System, Aruti is apt for managing your organization’s Human Capital assets efficiently. Equipped with every aspect of human resource administration and reporting capabilities, Aruti is the ideal tool for HR management.

The system helps organizations manage their entire employee lifecycle all the way from planning, recruiting to settling their benefits and compensations. The system is based on a modular approach and thus can be used by smaller firms, mid-level enterprises as well as larger organizations.

Aruti Human Resources and Payroll Management System is made of the following sub components which are seamlessly integrated with each other:

Payroll Management
Biodata Management
Recruitment Management
Performance Management
Training Needs Analysis
Leave Management
Disciplinary Cases Management
Medical Claims Management
Time Management
Employee and Manager Self Service

Aruti is the choice of HR and Payroll Managers Worldwide due to its unique benefits and features which includes:

  • Everything you need to manage your workforce is made available in one package with a solid connection between the modules.
  • Aruti offers an uninterrupted Employee Diary (a 360 view of employee records). The diary tracks and organizes every single event of employee life in your organization, and the system makes it available with single click.
  • Aruti graphical dashboard offers you a quicker way to visualize facts in your organization and take immediate measures.
  • Aruti Mail-Box is another unparalleled feature that allows you to instantly communicate with your workforce in emails or letters automatically without the need to manually input data from employee database.
  • Aruti Reminders and Alerts will ensure that your workforce is alerted accordingly on important events like birthdays, anniversaries, retirement dates etc.
  • Aruti Performance Management stands out from the rest by offering performance management tool carried out through the Balanced Scorecard Method.
  • Pay tax efficient salaries with Aruti Payroll System; the only payroll that can be configured to meet the needs of all regulatory and tax authorities worldwide, including statutory reports.
  • Aruti Self Service Module makes it easy for all employees to participate in the process of HR management and thus reducing the workload from the HR department.
  • Aruti supports multiple companies (chain of companies), multi-currencies and multi-languages.
  • Aruti offers a secure integration with Active Directory and Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Aruti offers Integration with all financial systems as well as Electronic Banking Systems to efficiently process payments to your workforce.
  • The Audit Trail feature of Aruti tracks every single change that happens in your organization’s workforce data. (who, what, when, etc)
  • Aruti 24/7 online support ensures that your system is always up and running without any hassles.