Aruti Employee Disciplinary Cases Management


What we do


Aruti Employee Disciplinary Cases Management is an inbuilt function that manages employees' disciplinary cases, incidents of defiance, grievances and appeals in a fair and open environment. The system is flexible to adopt various courses of charges, proceedings and hearings for each case as per your organization’s pre-defined processes.

Grievance module

Module allows employees to register grievances against their fellow employees as well as supervisors. The module is also intelligent enough to skip approvals should an employee raise a grievance against the approver.

Features and Benefits

  • Determine all the possible disciplinary offences at workplace and group them into pre-defined levels of severity.
  • Track the cases with each step they take, from case opening to closing and the subsequent actions followed by the case closing. These actions may include temporary suspension of an employee, contract termination, verbal warning or even a memo.
  • Re-open the closed cases to get them resolved through a different perspective by means of an appeal process in the system.
  • Get notified on any case status updates automatically and instantly.
  • Seamlessly update the rest of the system with actions taken from here, say suspension or termination; which can remove the particular employee from payroll.