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TANAPA implements ArutiPayroll and Human Resource Management System

TANAPA is reputable organization formed by The Tanganyika National Parks Ordinance CAP [412] of 1959. The primary role of Tanzania’ national parks are conservation of 15 national parks, many of which form the core of a much larger protected ecosystem, have been set aside to preserve the country’s rich natural heritage, and to provide secure breeding grounds where its fauna and flora can thrive, safe from the conflicting interests of a growing human population. According to studies by international development organizations, Tanzania National Parks is one of the most efficient and productive bureaucracies in Africa. The personnel structure is streamlined, with a workforce of only 1650 staff operating 15 national parks and 1 additional proposed national park.

With Aruti: Human Resource and Payroll Management Software it becomes so easy for the organization to manage the most valuable assets in the organization which is Human Capital.Arutioffers unparalleled and unrivaled capabilities in managing both Human Resource and Payroll business activities and operations. In Arutiboth Human Resource and Payroll modules are integrated and made flexible to accommodate most of organization's Payroll and Human Resource needs and requirements.

The system is made to be easily customized so as to fulfill our commitment in ensuring that our clients only get what they want and what they expect the system to solve for them in right time and efficiency manner.

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