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Introducing a new module "Pay per Activity"

Aruti would like to introduce pay per activity module in its payroll system; this function allows organizations to basically pay their employees per activity in a particular period of time in an efficiently automated way. The amount payable by the employer is a function of the number of activities performed by an employee, multiplied by the agreed cost per a single activity. Examples includes but not limited to the cotton/coffee/cashew-nuts kilos delivered at a collection point in a farm, a number of calls made or received by your customer support center personnel, a number of visitation in different households made by your research team personnel, a number of sales made by your sales guy etc.

This payment model is fully automated and now available in Aruti HR & Payroll System, it’s among our recent services developed to achieve one among many services demand from our clients. The employer will now only pay when an employee performs a specified agreed activity (times the frequency the activity was done). Alternatives payments are also still there which includes monthly/weekly payments, hourly payments etc.

Use this module to answer questions such as "how much is each employee costing us per hour, day, month and year?" for each activity in a process. Activities that have the highest costs per unit of time are often the best candidates for streamlining or even eliminating from a process. An example of one way you can use this analysis is to determine the cost per day of running a plant, to help decide whether to keep the plant open or to close it.

Once again Aruti brings you the best solutions in the Payroll and Human Resource industry.

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