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Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation Upgrades to Version 9.0.0

Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) striving to be a truly Public Broadcaster by being accountable to the public through its various media programmes has upgrade from Aruti version 6.0.0 to Aruti Version 9.0.0

The new version has been improved with the customer in mind thus helping to transform our customers into delighted fans. Now more than ever Aruti represents your best-known way of doing something The system has one primary purpose which aligns to organization objective (An integrated, flexible and affordable Human Resource and Payroll Management System ideal for managing organization's most valuable assets; "Human Capital")

Aruti 9.0 offers more improved performance and provides you with unbeatable reliability and speed. We therefore propose an upgrade to a new version. With a new version, all old features and existing modules have been enhanced for an improved performance, giving you superb transactional speed and ability to do more stuff than ever before. Some of the features of the new version include:

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