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Aruti welcomes new members

Aruti is excited to add new members from different sectors.

As we begin the year it gives us great pleasure to welcome such big names across various industries in our ever growing Aruti family. The latest organizations to acquire Aruti for their HR & Payroll include

One of the truly great things about welcoming such a mixture of sectors stretching from public and Private Companies, is the opportunity to explore new challenges facing our daily life in the Human Resource and Payroll processing, and to do so with relatively few constraints, at least in comparison with most established software providers. For our new members joining Aruti family at such a particularly momentous time in the history of information technology, the need for an integrated, flexible and affordable Human Resource and Payroll Management System could not be more acute.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve these goals. And by the way, we think we should also all have the goal to have fun doing it! So we look forward to getting to work with you all in coming future, and to hear your ideas about how Aruti and its support team can be helpful to you in your efforts Welcome again, we are looking forward to insure we maintain mutual relationship.

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