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Introducing the Payroll Budget & Budget Timesheet Modules

As part of our continual service improvement efforts, we aim to provide a comprehensive HR & Payroll management system to suit all your business needs. Payroll Budget & Budget Timesheet Modules have been designed to address the requirements of different job functions.


This module allows an organization to do an estimated plan (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, yearly etc.) for the Company’s Future on how it shall expect to spend on employee’s expenditures.

  • Get to know in advance how much your organization will spend in employees’ salaries.
  • Create a financial plan and see if the current funds can accommodate the salary changes you are planning to make.
  • Plan budget for each employee.
  • Plan budget for different departments, sections etc.
  • Seamless integration of the budget module with the payroll module which means you can get the real time activity balance amount.
  • Get notified of the decreasing funds of every activity.


This module enables staff to capture time spent on projects/tasks, to be evaluated by their supervisors and used in different organization needs.

  • Keep track of the employee’s hours worked and sort by project and activities.
  • Collect and summarize monthly estimated Hours of each project.
  • Integrated seamlessly with holidays & leave booked within the system.
  • Integration between the Budget, Leave and Timesheet modules, meaning employees can extract their periodic timesheets from the system with the timings divided according to their budget salary allocation percentages.
  • Speed payment of salary and other employee benefits.
  • Allows multiple time periods to reflect the different needs of the organization.
  • Enter time easily, anywhere and anytime, with detail comments.
  • Establish multiple approvals by manager, project manager etc.
  • Enforce shift hours & overtimes.
  • Facilitate approvals with email event workflow.
  • Facilitate approvals with email event workflow.
  • Reports on timesheet status.
  • Comparison of planned and actual number of hours.