Aruti Payroll Management System


Payroll, Loan and Savings Management System Features


Effortlessly measure your employee’s earnings and deductions in accordance to the statutory staff governing regulations in your country through Aruti Payroll, Loan and Savings management. Payroll management system will also help you generate customized and mandatory statutory reports depending upon your country’s requirements. Aruti is one of the best payroll management software which also offers HR and al payroll modules together.

  • The Payroll system aspect of this module will thoroughly handle the entire Payroll and Taxation process of your organization and easily track the earnings, deductions and benefits of employees and report them to the relevant authorities including government agencies.
  • Payroll management system manages employee costing distribution, banking services, payroll history tracking, online verification of data entry, data security, Integration with General Ledger, Financial Systems and other Human Resources Management Products.
  • The loans and savings element of payroll management module ensures that the loans given to employees, their payments and their savings are properly tracked and recorded for future references.

OT Requisition

OT Requisition of payroll software module allows the employee to request overtime prior. The request is then approved by the respective approver and finally posted to payroll for payment vis payroll management system module.

Features and Benefits

  • Avoid any manual errors and thence, speed up the payroll processes by gaining a total control over it.
  • Ensure tax compliance
  • Gain total control of the staff pay process.
  • Seamlessly integrate the payroll processes with your financial management system
  • User-defined processing and payment periods. Utilize any from weekly, fortnightly, monthly, yearly or any other user-defined period.
  • Tax Terminal benefits in line with any lately introduced rules or chosen guidelines.
  • Supports Periodic or Annual salary increments which may be defined corresponding to the various payroll categories and classifications.
  • Supports court orders, garnishments, tax levies and other court imposed assessments.
  • Payroll messages: The system will broadcast messages to employees individually, globally and/or collectively grouped by cost center, paypoint or any other predefined categories and classifications.