Aruti Training Needs Analysis


What we do


Owing to the competent and agile work environment in your organization, each of your employee needs to be skilled and equipped with your work standards and eventually meet the acceptance level. To keep them up-to-date with your organization’s workflow and ensure a start on developing the capabilities, Aruti includes an ‘up to the mark’ Training Needs Analysis module which is directly linked with the performance and goals of an employee and your organization.

Features and Benefits

  • Aruti On-The-Job-Training and Training Needs Analysis allows you to:
  • Define and set skill gap and business needs priorities.
  • Set business needs and priorities.
  • Define Key Result Areas for respective training
  • Set training objectives.
  • Develop your workforce through robust training plans, which is eventually linked with your organization’s goals.
  • Manage training costs more efficiently by interconnecting the process to your financial systems.
  • Schedule training and enroll employees accordingly while being alert about possible schedule conflicts with issues like leaves and employee holidays.
  • Measure the impact of training by performing post-training evaluations.
  • Receive training feedbacks through decisive end-of-course evaluation questionnaires.
  • Automatically update employee skills and qualifications based on the scores they get, once they complete their trainings.