Why choose Aruti?


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Cost Effective

Aruti pricing structure lets you avail a single module, or the whole system as per your requirement, thus keeping all kinds of users in mind. With your organization’s growth as our primary aim, we ensure that you can take up the Payroll module today, and after evaluating the system’s efficiency and outcome, you can decide to add up another module to your system.

Aruti system helps you efficiently manage your payroll processing and similarly, helps you effectively supervise your workforce with powerful functionalities. Our Human Resource and Payroll solutions completely eliminate error prone manual payroll processing and execution of Human Resource operations. This automation, eventually leads to a steady time management and cost serving practices in business management.

High Quality Services

Consisting of field experts and engineers adept in system functions, our customer support team is always ready to assist you in any query you face. They will ensure that your organization gains the most return on investment (ROI) from our Human Resource and Payroll Management System. We devotedly take care of the problems and queries our customers have and offer them the best solution for their organization. Adhering to a customer-first approach, we believe customer satisfaction being our ultimate goal by helping them implement Aruti thoroughly and efficiently for their organization.

Fully Integrated System

Aruti is an integrated system with all the modules and tools flawlessly combined thus posing it as one of it's most promising features. The in and out interconnection within the system makes it extremely easy to work with, and formulate accurate data and reports. Moreover, integration completely eliminates the need of multiple databases and thence, double data entry between the modules, making Aruti an appropriate tool for efficient business process automation within any kind of organization. Unlike other payroll systems, Aruti comes fully integrated making it easier effortless for you to manage your workforce and simplify your business operations. It comes with interface for easier integration with many accounting and financial packages.

Local Customizations

Aruti Payroll and Human Resource Management system is designed to meet and fit customization requests of any user, anywhere around the globe. It has been technologically developed to be built in any way as per customer’s needs and requirements, meeting the statutory tax laws and report formats. Our developers work round the clock to ensure that the package we offer and implement fits user’s needs and requirements. We strive to offer what your organization studiously needs. And this is what makes Aruti unique and special.

Worldwide Support

Owing to a wide coverage of our strong distributor network, our business partners across the globe help you with any problem you may have. Our support team is available 24x7 for you. Reach out to our support team through our website where you will automatically get linked to our support team. In the end, our dedicated technical team will help you solve your queries.