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Bringing the human back to human resource management

What we do

Aruti is the superhero of people management, equipped with all the powers and abilities to efficiently manage your human capital assets. Our comprehensive and cost-effective system includes essential modules like data management, employee self-service, productivity management, shift management, payroll, compensation management, etc.

Let's face it, HR and payroll management can sometimes be a drag – but don't worry, we're here to save the day! We have been helping organizations streamline their processes from the get-go and have become a top choice for organizations worldwide.

So, if you're tired of resource management headaches and want to streamline your processes, give Aruti a try. Our system will make you feel like a superhero and help you focus on what matters (like saving the world, or at least the office).


Aruti was founded in Tanzania as a payroll processing software company.


Aruti partnered with eZee Technosys (India) to develop the software into a full-fledged HR and Payroll solution.


Aruti experienced significant growth, with a customer base that included medium-sized businesses, enterprises, and government agencies in over 10 African countries.


Aruti was acquired by Aruti B.V., a Dutch company based in Veenendaal, The Netherlands, marking a new chapter in the company's history.


Aruti 2.0 was launched, introducing a new-age HR and Payroll system for the modern workforce.

Meet the team

Diederik Geuze

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Muga

Chief Commercial Officer

Joost Geuze

Chief Operations Officer

Manfred Kitendo

Chief Financial Officer

Allan Wesonga

Product Owner

Mathew Irungu

Project Management

Louis Riwa

Project Management

Sandeep Sharma


Suhail Patel


Pinkalkumar Jariwala

Lead Developer

Hemant Morker

Lead Developer

Peris Bochere

Sales Manager

Enecy Matwali

Sales Manager

Maryjackline Omari

Customer Relation Manager

Christina Katefu

Human Resource Manager

Rachel Towo

PR and Marketing

Irene Gerald

Sales Officer

Kelvin Shayo

Sales Officer

Marvin Kumange

Sales Representative - Malawi

Nashon Enosy

System Analyst

Angelina Kibasa

System Analyst

Anold Mboya

System Analyst

Aisha Kingu

System Analyst

Salim Ramadhani

System Analyst

Denis Mbale

System Analyst - Zambia

Pauline Shempemba

System Analyst - Intern

Consolathajoyce Mhagama

System Analyst - Intern

Flavius Fidelius

System Analyst - Intern

Nelson Mhango

System Analyst Intern - Malawi


Our mission is to deliver advanced, cost-effective, and highly efficient human capital management solutions that contribute tangibly to the success of our customers' businesses. We strive to offer intuitive, customizable, and scalable software that caters to businesses of all sizes and complexities, ensuring they receive exceptional value and service throughout their journey with us.


Our vision at Aruti is to be the leading provider of affordable human capital management solutions for micro, small, and medium enterprises in emerging economies. We leverage cutting-edge technology and continuous innovation to empower businesses to optimize their workforce and reach their full potential.

Why aruti?

Looking for an all-in-one solution for HR and payroll management? Look no further than Aruti.


Our solutions are affordable and offer value for money.

Fully Integrated System

Our fully integrated system saves you time and streamlines your processes.

24/7 Worldwide Support

No matter where you are, get around-the-clock support.

Modular System

Our solutions are tailor-made to fit your organization.

Eliminate stress out of employee management