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Traditional HR software is a thing of the past. Give your employees the red-carpet treatment with Aruti’s Core HR software.


Efficiency in HR Operations

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Your one-stop shop for employee data organization

Aruti's employee data management module allows you to leave behind traditional methods of managing employee data. Right from an employee’s personal information to their hobbies and interests, present and past addresses, medical details, and important dates, the system safely stores everything in one convenient place.

It even has a section for embarrassing pictures (just kidding, it keeps those private).

Employee Biodata Management

For times when HR needs to play judge and jury

Aruti’s employee disciplinary cases management module helps you handle incidents of defiance, grievances, and appeals in a fair and open environment (no more awkward hallway confrontations).

Plus, the system is super flexible and can adapt to your organization's pre-defined processes for charges, proceedings, and hearings.

Because HR deserves a little extra time (and a lot of love)

The Aruti self-service module empowers your team members to take control of tasks such as applying for leave, reviewing policies, and staying current with company updates and requests, leaving the HR department free to tackle bigger things.

And don't worry about security - it's privilege-based, so each person only sees what they're supposed to see. 

Ready to simplify the complexities of HR management?

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Aruti is the greatest HR and payroll management software. I am writing to endorse Aruti to any company which is looking to source Human Resource Management and Payroll System. I have used Aruti for the past 3 years and it has been a very happy and resourceful experience. The system is remarkable, compatible, and equipped with all important HR Management tools as well as robust reporting capabilities.

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