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Efficiency in HR Operations

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Your one-stop-shop for accurate time tracking

Aruti's time tracking solution simplifies the process of tracking hours and submitting for approval, improving productivity management for your organization.

Performance and Assessment Management

Setting objectives has never been easier

The OKR feature streamlines the goal-setting process, enabling organizations to set clear, measurable, and actionable objectives, with specific key results

Attract, develop, and retain top talent

The feature facilitates the identification, cultivation, and retention of high-performing individuals, allowing organizations to align their talent strategy with their overall business objectives.

Pave the way for future success

Aruti's succession management feature streamlines the process of identifying and developing potential successors for key roles, enabling you to plan for future leadership transitions with foresight and precision.

Fair evaluations, fair pay

The feature streamlines and automates the performance appraisal process, eliminating paperwork and inefficiencies.

Now managers can evaluate and track employee performance with precision, fostering employee engagement and company culture growth.

Empower your employees' personal and professional growth

Now enable individuals to set and track personal and professional goals, receive feedback and support, and align them with the organization's strategy.

Managers can also provide guidance, track progress, and measure success in achieving personal and professional goals.

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Aruti is the greatest HR and payroll management software. I am writing to endorse Aruti to any company which is looking to source Human Resource Management and Payroll System. I have used Aruti for the past 3 years and it has been a very happy and resourceful experience. The system is remarkable, compatible, and equipped with all important HR Management tools as well as robust reporting capabilities.

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