Some of your frequent doubts cleared

You can get aruti by reaching out to our sales personnel at aruti@aruti.com
All Modules and Functionality are included in the trial period of 30 days
Yes Aruti is Modularize and its possible to buy one module as per you choice.
Aruti is a hybrid system, Super users use a desktop Application but the rest of the staff interact with system using a web platform called the employee and manager self service
Yes, Aruti can be integrated with any Financial system, as long as the API or any methodology of integration will be shared.
Yes, Aruti is Multi-country, it generates all statutory reports of any country as per the statutory formats required.
Yes, we have several links for support 1.Jira customer support link 2. Skype 3.Via Email and we can connect remotely to provide support
Yes, Payroll Periods can be set up according to the company policies.
Yes, Aruti is Multi-Currency System.
Currently Aruti operates on one Language at a time. The system can be translated to any language requested.
Yes Aruti has online Recruitment module.
Yes, Aruti can accommodate more than one individual bank account and Net pay can be distributed in terms of Percentage or Value (Fixed Figure).
Yes, Aruti can integrate with Fingerprint Biometric devices, hand biometric device and Facial Biometric Devices.
Your data remains safe and once you get full License you may proceed to access your data.
Aruti does not have limited number of users but this is dependant on Aruti license purchased and the number of employees.
Yes, Aruti can be accessed through mobile using any browser.
No, but user/Customer can Opt to install Aruti system on cloud server
Aruti is a Windows based application system
Yes, You may define unlimited number of Companies as per your license