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The New Release of Aruti 9.0

Aruti has recently launched a brand new version of a software system, famously known as Aruti 9.0. Aruti is a more powerful and reliable Human Resource and Payroll Management System. Aruti version 9.0 has been designed and developed specifically to be a number one choice for both Payroll and Human Resource managers worldwide. With Aruti 9.0, you have everything you need to manage your workforce and this is made available to you in one package with seamless connections between the tools and sub modules. The new release comes with a powerful and unique online recruitment interface which allows not only collection of applicants important details but also goes further to let a recruitment team with short listing capabilities, interview scheduling and analysis and many other recruitment processes. In new version, vacancies are created by recruitment team within the organization before exported to the web. In addition, Aruti 9.0 is also bundled with both employees and managers Self Service allowing a close link between organization and its employees. The following are few of what you can do with Aruti 9.0:

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