A Journey through Customer Relation

From Salesperson to Customer Champion: How Building Relationships Drives Sales

Customers are the building blocks of any business. Taking good care of your customers should be a number one priority for every service-providing company or even those that sell products. Every member of an organization is thus liable to be able to provide the best service if need be to the customer whether in sales, finance, or any other department. The service rendered is what will either promote your business or kill it instantly from the reviews.

Why Customer Relations?

Honestly, I am a salesperson by profession coming into Aruti B.V is where I landed into the customer relationship department as well, It took a while to get used to talking with customers, and a lot of practice before calling/answering a call from a customer or joining on meetings and negotiations as well as calming a customer when they are in a state of tension in need of customer service. It is always intimidating when you are on the other side of the call having to ensure the customer needs are met, the company’s image is maintained and service is well provided but there is no better feeling than receiving that “thank you” note from your client. It's truly amazing that over the past few years, I have gotten to learn and enjoy working with different people of different personalities and each customer interaction fosters a situation that helps you deal with the next case at hand and through that able to make great sales to the company as well.


Building the Foundation: From Frustration to First Wins

No Journey comes without challenges. Learning the ropes of dealing with different customers using Aruti, navigating situations to help bring in sales while helping the customer at the same time, and mastering the art of active listening were hurdles I had to overcome, and automatically have loved doing them to date.  my confidence has grown over the years and every satisfied win has helped me foster a relationship that has helped benefit my sales career as well.


Memorable Moments: Victories and Lessons Learned

One particularly challenging situation involved a customer who was under high pressure to clear off the payroll, she was new in the company and had no prior training on how to use the Aruti system. The pressure was high, but by leveraging my sales knowledge and collaborating with the technical support team, we identified a temporary workaround and later on offered a permanent solution for training after the issue got sorted. The customer's relief and gratitude were incredibly rewarding.

There have also been moments where I've learned valuable lessons. One interaction with a particularly frustrated customer initially left me feeling defeated. However, reflecting on the experience helped me identify areas where I could have improved my communication and de-escalation techniques. This growth mindset has been instrumental and I am still continuously learning as I go through this journey in the CRM sales department.


Impact and Influence:

Great customer management from building the relationship to providing the support and service has a major impact on sales and I can attest to it myself. It is easier to have new sales from customer recommendations than to start a fresh new sale. Great recommendations can go along way because, as we say, "words have power." When someone we trust shares their positive experiences, it not only captures our attention but also shapes our perceptions and decisions. Whether it's endorsing a product, suggesting a restaurant, or recommending a book, the right words can inspire confidence, spark curiosity, and drive us to take action. Ultimately, the impact of a genuine recommendation generally comes from a good customer experience with the service or product.

My passion for customer relations continues to grow. As I look towards the future, I aspire to move into a team leadership role, where I can mentor and empower other CROs to deliver exceptional service. My ultimate goal is to become a customer service champion, constantly innovating and advocating for strategies that prioritize customer satisfaction and build lasting brand loyalty.