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    We provides one of the best HR & payroll software FREE for 30 days and explore our tools & modules to see if that fits to your criteria.

    Any questions on our Human Resource software trial?

    • Which functionalities are included in HR & Payroll System free trial?

      Free trial will give you all features and functionality available in a licensed system (except for the Employee and Manager Self Service). Once the trial period is over and you are done with the evaluation, the data and all the configuration will be available once the software is purchased and activated. Please contact us if you would like to test the Aruti Employee and Manager Self Service as well.

    • Is HR & Payroll System modularized? Is it possible to buy one module?

      YES, HR & Payroll System is Modularized. You can just buy a Payroll Module or HR Module, or Leave Module or any other sub module that you specifically need. Below is the list of all modules included in Aruti:

      • Employee Loans and Savings Management
      • Employee Bio Data Management
      • Recruitment Management
      • Performance and Assessment Management
      • Training Needs Analysis
      • Leave and Absence Management
      • Employee Disciplinary Cases Management
      • Medical Claims and Bills Management
      • Time and Attendance Management
      • Employee and Manager Self Service

    • Is HR & Payroll System a web-based system?

      With the growing adoption of e-business technology to create new levels of interconnection between key areas of business around the globe, Aruti HR & Payroll System now gives you access to a range of e-HR functionalities through a web based interface.

    • Can I connect Aruti with my financial system?

      Yes, HR & Payroll System has an extremely flexible General Ledger coding system, which allows you to define your own coding structure. It then provides a posting file automatically during the pay run. Employees General Ledger postings can be spread over an unlimited expense codes and you can direct a different percentage to be applied to each account. For example, a manager with responsibilities across several cost centers can have their payroll costs split across them.

    • Can HR & Payroll System generate statutory reports specific for my country?

      Yes, Aruti can generate statutory reports as per your locality and requirements. Please contact us for any customizations which might be needed.

    • Does Aruti HR & Payroll Software have online support?

      Yes, our online support is available 24/7. Our support team can (with a customer's permission) remotely view and walk you through any necessary fix. With our live Web support it's like having us on-site within minutes.

    • Does Aruti payroll system allow multi-currency & multiple language?

      Yes, HR & Payroll System supports multi-currency option. Once a home/local currency is defined, you are then free to define and pay in any other currency. Apart from that you can set your own system language as per your choice.