Aruti Recruitment Management


What we do


Manage your vacancy announcements and job applications easily through an internet interface and cut down your recruitment costs through Aruti Recruitment Management. By means of this module, the job applicants at your firm will simply have to submit their resume and relevant documents through an internet interface, thereby avoiding the traditional paper methods.

Moreover, this feature will help your organization to:

  • Plan the work force
  • Establish solid needs to recruit
  • Shortlist job applications in a jiffy, eliminating weeks of manual work.
  • Schedule and conduct interviews
  • Mark applicants eligible for employment
  • Transform the applicant to employee effortlessly
  • Send automatic notifications to applicants for every recruitment stage
  • Track recruitment costs

Features and Benefits

  • Shortlist job applicants in a matter of minutes instead of weeks of manual reading through paper applications.
  • Employ the best candidate by attracting more and eligible candidates to apply for varying job profiles - online job application process makes it possible for all suitable candidates to apply from anywhere across the world.
  • Reduce recruitment costs and time by over 80%.
  • Automatically builds a data bank of current job applicants for your future use.