Aruti Employee and Manager Self Service


What we do


Erasing all the worries and major responsibilities of the HR department, Aruti Employee and Managers Self Service will give your employees and managers an opportunity to participate in daily activities related to Human Resources in your organization. This feature works on privilege-basis, such that each employee and manager will be able to avail only those areas which are related to them.

OT Requisition

This module allows the employee to request overtime prior. The request is then approved by the respective approver and finally posted to payroll for payment.

Features and Benefits

  • Let your employees manage their profile, benefits, addresses, dependents, beneficiaries and references.
  • Apply easily for internally advertised jobs.
  • Apply for leave and monitor leave approval status precisely.
  • Devotedly conduct evaluations for self performance.
  • Receive timely information on training enrollments.
  • Conduct end-of-course training evaluations and measure the outcome of trainings.
  • View your employees’ diary and keep track of their workflow.
  • Aruti Manager Self Service enables the Managers and Supervisors to:
    • View profiles of employees reporting to them.
    • Issue sick sheets, process medical claims and record injuries.
    • Conduct regular performance evaluations for employees under their supervision.
    • Conduct training impact evaluation after employees return from successful trainings.
    • Approve or disapprove leave applications.
    • Assign assets to employees.
    • Approve or disapprove employee's loan and advance payment applications.